In-network Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, New Mexico

In-network Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, New Mexico

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Facebook Complaints Are A New Kind Of 911 Call In The Platform's Hometown

It calms them down as long as somebody has heard what's happening. UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #5: I'm looking for the legal department because I need to see Mr. Z personally. UNIDENTIFIED PERSON #5: And I need to have somebody to call him. WARGA: And since people around the world have Facebook accounts... MANNING: Some of them have accents, and they're really hard to understand because they call from all over, all over the world. WARGA: This is Karen Salas, the other dispatcher on duty. KAREN SALAS: I think a lot of people calling have this grandiose view of California to begin with. Facebook's here, and Facebook's big. So therefore, Facebook's giant. Then we must be big and giant, too. WARGA: A 911 call comes in while we're talking. Someone has parked illegally in a disabled space. They try to make it clear to callers there's nothing they can do about your account.

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